You Are A Geek. Sit Down.

Why am I a geek?

It's not because I baked a pie; lots of people do that.

It's not even because I did a basketweave top crust.

It's because the top crust is woven in 2/2 twill.

Thank you, I'll be leaving now...

O Canada

I was going to beging this with "Hello, Ohioans," but I realized that wouldnt have been fair. After all, there are obviously some sane people living in Ohio, and it wouldn't have come down to one state if the rest of the country hadn't let it.

So: Hello, Bush voters.

Congratulations. You have reelected the worst President since Hoover--we can but hope that Bush's second term won't end in a second Depression. I've heard a number of different reasons for your lunacy, and I thought I'd address a few of them.

Moral Issues

Moral issues? Moral issues? I beg your pardon?! Aren't you the perople who claim to want smaller, less intrusive government? I would be most pleased if you could explain precisely how that goal is achieved by voting on the basis that the government can't yet see far enough into our bedrooms. Or perhaps we might consider that, rhetoric to the contrary, the Republicans show no signs of actually trying to do anything about such issues as abortion and gay marriage. After all, if they did that, the one-issue voters might get a chance to vote about other issues, on which other parties have better records.

The War in Iraq

Well, I don't know. Leaving aside all the "Bush went AWOL" and "Kerry is a traitor" rhetoric, let's look at two facts no one disputes: Kerry served in combat, while Bush didn't. Seems to me that, when choosing the Commander in Chief, the man who served in combat has a bit of an edge, but that may be my liberal bias talking.

The Economy

Anyone here remember how much a gallon of gas cost when Bill Clinton left office? I confess I don't recall exactly, but in Pittsburgh at least it was well under a dollar. Now, in the same city, it's just under two dollars. Plus, there's Bush's wholehearted embrace of his father's rightly infamous 'trickle-down economics': the idea that if you give rich people more money they'll use it to make the lives of less-rich people better, kind of as a side effect. Which sounds great, but it doesn't work. Give the very rich more money, and they use it to get even richer. Bush has systematically cut taxes to the people who can best afford to pay them, and seems mystified that the government is running out of money.

My Personal Favorite: His Own Mess

This one just makes me shake my head with wonder. There's a man who voted for Bush on the basis that the President "needs to clean up his own mess." 'Scuse me? What on earth makes you think he's capable of it, even if he were inclined to? Remember that this is a man who can't think of a single mistake he's made...

So, all in all, I really hope you're pleased. Whether Bush is really the Good Ol' Boy he tries to seem or not, his presidency has been bad for this country, and it's only going to get worse. Remember this, when someday the US is invaded because a Coalition of other countries decided that we were a clear danger to world peace, people. Remember it when the middle class quietly vanishes. Remember it when your child tells you that they're gay, and your first thought is that you have to make sure no one finds that they don't get beaten to death in an alley.

Remember: you did this. The rest of us tried to warn you.

Dare To Be Stupid

Got this in email today:

DEAR Citicards Cleint,

Thiss E-MAIL was sent by_the_ Citicard sevrer to
veerify _your _e-mail_ adrress.
You muust cpltemoe this pcseors by clicking on _the link
bellow and enttering in the little _window your CITI-bank
Debit full Card Number and pin that you use_ on_the _Atm_.
This is donne for your ptcreotion -Y- because some_of our
membres no longer have acsces to their email aderdsess
and we must verify it. [long sting of numbers and % signs...]
To veerify _your_ email_ _address_ and access your_ Citi-bank
account, click on_the_link beloww.


Gotta love it...

So Hard On The Knees

I am currently being very kind, by resisting the urge to give you all way TMI about my life. I mean, really.

Kinda tired, due to it being much too warm in here. Going up to Chez Strobel for a bit this evening, but I don't want to stay too late. Morning happens, every darn day.

Some people are really mean to their dogs. I do not refer to any of the people on my friends list when I say this.

Damn, I want a chance for my character to infiltrate something one of these days.
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If I Had My Way...

My downstairs neighbors have a cat. A kitten, really; he's about 6 months old, I think. His name is Max, he's gray and white in the approved patchy manner Ares has never mastered, and he's very interested in the Great Outdoors.

Every few days, I come in or go out and find Max wandering in the hallway. Not that there's a lot to wander; two staircases and a short hall on the second floor. I usually pick him up, knock on their door, and hand him over.

However, of late Max has been actually lurking near the outside door and making breaks for it when it's opened. This is, how you say, ungood. He's gotten by me twice, though I managed to lure him close enough to grab with my fascinating keychain both times. Today on my way in, I saw him go, and the neighbors came down after him. They shrugged and said he'd be waiting when they got back, got in their car, and drove away.


OK, one, I resent having to look out for their pet. Two, it's a shorthaired cat and the nights are getting darn cold. Three, the people on the ground floor have a large dog who might not grasp the concept that he can break the kitty trying to play with it. Four, if my cat got out at the same time, he's huge and doesn't like other cats too well. Five, it's a city! There are cars and things! Plus we're close enough to the woods that there could well be raccoons or something.

So, what do I do about this? I'm pretty sure they didn't tell the landlord, and while he manifestly allows cats I think he'd like to know about it--plus, I for one had to give an extra deposit for Ares. But it would be icky in the extreme for me to get them in trouble, especially if they then had to find a new home for the cat; I don't trust them not to just drop him off at a shelter. And he's too old to be kitten-cute, and he doesn't have spectacular looks or anything to make up for it.

Lord, why do you afflict me with idiots? Lady, can't you talk some sense into him?

Oh, and just to be slightly lighthearted, the quote for the day: "...hey, I'm pro-pagan, but sweet-Inanna-poinging-through-the-underworld-on-a-pogostick do not plaster your car in smarmy-ass declarations of your storebought witchiness. " --Kielle
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